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Placeholder  ImageUS Professional People Search is a site division of Burbridge Detective Agency. Since our founding in 2001, Burbridge Detective Agency has been leading company in people searches. Whether you need to locate or identify a witness, criminal suspect, harrasser, civil defendant, debtor, tresspasser, missing person, or lost relative, we can help.

It has always been our mission to provide our clients the information needed to protect themselves, people close to them, and their assets. Since Burbridge Detective Agency is a license detective agency, we can access information that is not normally available to the public.


Locate Person by full name, age, & last known address /area

Database People Search - $19.95
(database information - not guaranteed - provides subject’s address history)

Professional People Search - $125.00
(manual check - guaranteed accurate locate on subject’s current address)

Locate Person by Phone Number

Database Reverse Phone Lookup - $12.95
(database information - provide owners name and phone provider)

Manual Reverse Phone Lookup - $49.95
(Manual Check - Guaranteed Accurate - provides owners name & billing address)

People Search by Address - Provides All Adult Names Associated w Add. (includes dob & age info)

Reverse Address Search - $19.95
(may also include emails & phones associated w add)

People / Business Search by PO Box - Provides All Adult Names & Businesses Associated w PO Box

Reverse PO Box Search - $39.95
(includes age or dob info plus other addresses associated with persons found)

Locate Person by License Plate Number - provides registerd owner name & address listed on record

Standard License Plate Records start at $25
(states that allow online access to approved agencies)

Manual License Plate Searches start at $39
(states that require requests to be mailed or faxed in)

background checks

Background Checks
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license plate search

License Plate Searches
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phone number lookup

Phone Number Lookups
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